This is what we stand for.

To end the struggle within.

We help visionary entrepreneurs and change agents to build their vision, achieve moonshot goals and realize their potential by taking control of their body, mind and brain (the vehicle) through well-rounded practices of applied sciences of self-optimization.

Our mission at Empowered Entrepreneur community is to create a world where the majority of people OWN the state of their body, mind and brain to show up empowered every day and deliver our vision, our mission, our message into the world in the most powerful, holistic, aligned way.

At Empowered Entrepreneur we believe that human potential is so much more than most of us are currently living. We want to see what each of us individually and together we are capable of.

At Empowered Entrepreneur we believe that every day we can live, explore and create more when we set the intention and have the tools to do so.

At Empowered Entrepreneur we are committed to KAIZEN – never-ending improvement, one small step at a time, based on scientific research and best practices – to transform any state we wake up in, any circumstance we find ourselves in, any interaction we engage with into something more empowering, inspiring, enriching for everyone and everything involved.

We start with ourselves. We start with the change within. We work on it every day.
Energize. Empower. Execute.
E3 Community, Lifestyle, Training.

Meet me, Angela Shurina – Founder of Brain Breakthrough Coaching and Empowered Entrepreneur Community.

Brain, Optimal Performance, Health Coach; Nutritionist, Speaker, Podcaster & Author

I am absolutely passionate about working with purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, founders. Leaders and emerging leaders like you, who want to maximize their potential and productive time to grow and deliver results consistently faster, break through their past limits, building breakthrough solutions.

My goal is to a.

In my work, I translate the neuroscience of high performance and into workflow design, nutrition, lifestyle, behavior protocols, mindset and brain-amplifying habits to help drive desired results and change faster.

We all can change. We all can grow better. We all can create a bigger impact.

I am an IT professional/economist turned certified nutritionist, health and fitness coach, facilitator specializing in flow states and optimal performance, speaker, educator, blogger and podcaster. I am the author of the book “Fit-and-Focused Brain-Body Blueprint for Remote Pros and Digital Nomads: Neuroscience-based routines, hacks and habits to stay productive, healthy and fit anywhere”.

🧠🎧YOUR BRAIN’S COACH PODCAST – Give it a listen!

I’ve spent 17 years of my life learning from experts and doing research, getting certified, coaching ambitious self-starters, leaders, entrepreneurs, pro-athletes to help them reach their health, performance, life and business goals.

A year ago I’ve transitioned to performance training to scale my vision of the world where everyone knows how to do their best to deliver their vision into the world faster and better.

I did many talks for hundreds of people, live and online, I conducted workshops and mentorship sessions, and now I can’t wait to start working and growing together to discover how fast and far we can go, when we all commit to delivering our best results, supported by the peers, mentors, scientific research, and environment that we design to help us do better.

I can’t wait to see how your vision will change the world!