For emerging entrepreneurs/founders who want to feel great consistently, building awesome things, enjoying life to the fullest.

Motivation + Focus + Energy

Neuroscience Research + Habits Coaching + Accountability

High Performance + Healthy Lifestyle + Workflow Routines

Get so good that everyone will think you were born with exceptional talent for getting things done.

Health Track – ENERGIZE (mastering your energy)
Mindset Track – EMPOWER (installing leadership OS)
Brain Track – EXECUTE (learning to use your brain)

6-Week Foundation Track
Your Supercharger

You can’t get consistent results if you don’t own your performance.

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◾ Energy and Motivation Rollercoaster, Procrastination
◾ Inconsistent Productivity, Actions and Progress
◾ Poor Sleep, Broken Health and Nutrition Habits
◾ Anxiety, Self-Doubts, Stuck on Mistakes Mind
◾ Distracted and ADHD-like Mind, Brain Fog
◾ Time-Wasting – Not Able To Focus Fast
◾ Burnout, Poor Decisions due to Unmanaged Stress and Difficulties Managing Time and  Daily To-Do List

WEEK 1. Sleep Mastery

Sleep is when you lay the foundation of your daily productivity and things done well and fast.

It’s about QUANTITY and QUALITY.

Do you know how to set yourself up to succeed in sleep?

– Optimizing light rituals and environment (natural light, artificial light)

– Optimizing your morning and pre-bed routines for great sleep

– Optimizing consumption of food and substances

– Optimizing your sleeping space

– Optimizing device management

– Supplements for sleep enhancement

WEEK 2. Motivation Mastery

They say you can’t rely on motivation – you have to have discipline.

To which I always argue – to build that discipline you got to be motivated, don’t you?

It doesn’t matter what you call it – to take consistent action you got to have an INTERNAL DRIVE TO TAKE ACTION.

And there’s a lot of neuroscience-based tools, helping us to learn how to build up our motivation resources every day, no matter how motivated we wake up.

– Optimizing your lifestyle for consistent high dopamine levels (motivation molecule of the brain)

– Learning to connect to your emotions and meaning to “fire up” your motivation

– Optimizing your visual environment to boost your motivation

– Learning to change your perspective to get motivated when feeling overwhelmed and uncertain

– Optimizing your social online and real-life environment to motivate you in the darkest and “lowest” moments

– Natural dopamine/motivation supplements and food boosters

WEEK 3. Focus Mastery

Focus is your energy spent effectively.

Lots of ADHD folks have a TON of energy sprinkled everywhere with very little left for the essential tasks that move life and business forward.

Focus isn’t a talent.

Focus is your skillset to manage your brain, mindset and your environment (plus learning to optimize your brain chemistry and neurotransmitter balance).

– Optimizing your digital environment for focus – based on neuroscience research, device and task management

– Optimizing your physical workspace for focus on the fly – anywhere in the world, any coworking, any, however limited, space

– Optimizing your pre-work rituals, workflow to get your brain into focus, into “THE ZONE” and flow states faster and on-demand, especially when feeling unfocused and unmotivated

– Optimizing your brain chemistry for focus – food, coffee, supplements, and lifestyle

– Optimizing your mental focus for clarity and execution instead of overwhelm, anxiety and boredom

WEEK 4. Procrastination Killer

In my recent workshop “NO MORE PROCRASTINATION” I introduced to folks this idea (that I got from reading a lot of neuroscience-based books) that procrastination is all about our brain doing mathematics.

Have you ever wondered why your brain gets you to do the important things that keep food on your table and in your belly, like work and eating, and can easily forget about your passionate desire to start a podcast or learn a new language?

Mind-Blowing Idea: your brain isn’t a procrastinator, you just never learned how to use your get-things-done talents for non-urgent plans.

Let’s master it!

– Learning to set priorities based on limits in your life and time/energy resources

– Harnessing your most productive times of focus and creativity for different tasks to minimize the tendency to procrastinate

– Managing cost/value ratio in your mind through anti-procrastination self-talk

– Connecting your deepest motivations in life with mundane, boring things you don’t like doing so you get them done no matter how you feel

– Learning to find your 80/20 in each complex project to make starting feel easy

– HOT reminders and commitment “recipes” to never forget about your commitments to yourself, letting the world around you help you get things done

WEEK 5. Brain Nutrition

How you fuel your brain changes how much energy you have, how clear and focused, how motivated you are, how creative and confident you are.

EVERYTHING your brain does depends on the quality of your nutrition.

Brain nutrition, nutritional neuroscience, nutritional psychiatry are all emerging fields of science in the intersection of everything we know about how our brain works and how food works in our bodies.

During this week you’ll learn and put into consistent practice foundational eating practices for brain’s high performance – energy, focus, learning and creativity, flow states, memory, great mood and confidence.

Let’s learn to eat simply and by-science!

– Optimizing your carbohydrates for limitless, long-lasting energy

– Optimizing your protein intake for focus, confidence and no brain fog

– Optimizing your essential fat intake to help your brain grow new brain cells and work faster

– Optimizing your breakfast, lunch and dinner at home and out for high productivity

– Optimizing task-specific nutrition and micronutrients – foods and pills for focus, motivation, creativity, great mood and more

– Learning how to keep your body fit and high-energy, without dieting

– Optimizing for great blood circulation and low inflammation in the brain – the foundation of long-term health and consistency of performance

WEEK 6. High Energy Lifestyle

This week we’ll bring together finer details to complete the SUPERCHARGER program – you’ll start feeling truly unstoppable, breaking through any internal obstacle on the way to getting things done, making progress, building awesome things!

– Stress management and burnout prevention 101 – daily minimum

– Optimizing your workflow to minimize loss of productive hours – NO MORE MIDDAY SLUMP and early mental fatigue that prevent you from speeding-up results

– Managing anxiety, negative and self-sabotaging self-talk, overwhelm – specific and simple exercises so you always feel unstoppable EVEN when things don’t go your way

– Learning the most effective breathing techniques to fall asleep faster and sleep better, turn pre-pitch anxiety into excitement and flow, getting from sleepy to productive and energize fast without coffee

– Movement minimum for busy schedule, healthy brain and fit bodies – how keyboard warriors can look like warriors without gym hours

– Learning optimal scheduling of breaks, rest and specific tasks to maximize mental and physical energy, get things done faster, waste no time

– Optimal recovery schedule and protocols for high productivity and great quality of life while getting it all done